Friday, April 10, 2009

Scott is Half way done with p90x: Check out my BEEFCAKE!

So, here are some before and afters of Scott's crazy p90x workout system. For those of you who haven't seen the amazingly cheesy infomericial....p90x is a Beachbody program that Scott V., Robert P. , James B. and a few other guys they know decided to do!
There are a few poses they do for their before and after. I'm going to try and arrange the pictures so you see a before pose, followed by it's after pose....for each pose.

Before: no flex After: no flex

Before: Flex
After: Flex

Before: Flex After: Flex

After: Super Flex :)

After: Super Flex


lukecrownmusic said...

Dude.... You are ridiculous! That is awesome! I'm doing the P90X, but not hitting your results yet. Keep it up bro!

Nikki Leigh Daniel said...

Woah! Good work!

James said...

sick. sick sick sick. i can see the difference all the way around, but especially on arms, shoulders, and back. you're gonna be commercial-esque by the time you're done! bring it! -Boothe

tgpo said...

I had no idea Scott was so sexy.

Mike L. said...

Ok, I found a great diet. Just look at these pics after eating and magically reduce the poundage.

(warning if vomiting continues for more than 4 hours call a doctor immediately)

Just kidding. I got my iron gym chin up bar yesterday. It's great!

Mike L. said...

I was completely tricked. I thought you said JESSICA had topless photos on your blog. That's just not right!

Pictures Of Me.